Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a sub branch of restorative dentistry and is defined as that branch of dentistry done to enhance or improve a smile. This can be done to one or multiple teeth, over a single or multiple appointments. We use the most advanced materials and evidence based treatments to recreate a smile that will fit with your face, colouring and facial profile in our cosmetic dentistry services.

Smile Makeovers with cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistrySociety today is demanding a high quality of aesthetic. This compromises the face and teeth. There are many times when teeth may be worn, badly aligned, discoloured or so heavily filled that it looks unaesthetic.
In this case, there are many options, with the most popular being either:

  • crowns,
  • veneers, or
  • composite build ups

These three options are generally done on the upper 6 to 8 front teeth. Composite build ups are the most conservative of all options, with crowns being used if the teeth are very worn or heavily filled. Each has pros and cons and will vary depending on each individual case.

Smile Makeover consultation

In a smile makeover consultation, we will perform a comprehensive examination to see what cosmetic procedures are needed to improve the overall appearance of a patient’s smile. The makeover may involve doing a number of cosmetic treatments, such as whitening, dental implants and dental veneers. A smile makeover is very much an individual treatment for each patient.

Our aim is to achieve and deliver a beautiful smile that exceeds the expectations of each patient and at the same time help each patient with the design, shape colour and overall aesthetics of the teeth as they fit the face.

Stradbroke dental prefers to deliver a natural, age appropriate smile that utilises the highest quality materials to come to an end result that looks truly beautiful and natural.

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