Preventive Dentistry and Routine Examinations

Preventive dentistry At Stradbroke Dental, our preventive dentistry services and routine examinations include:

  • Preventive treatment such as scaling, cleaning and fluoride therapy
  • Repairing teeth damaged by decay or trauma, rebuilding tooth structures for functional or aesthetic reasons and providing crowns and bridges
  • Treating diseases of the roots, gums and soft tissues of the mouth and carries out various surgical procedures from routine extractions to far more complex operations on the jaws and soft tissues.
  • Using X-rays to detect abnormalities and plan treatment.
  • Managing malformation and misalignment of teeth and jaws by providing appropriate treatment.
  • Designing dentures and oral appliances by taking impressions, recording jaw relations, selecting teeth and correctly fitting dental appliances manufactured by dental technicians to the dentists’ prescriptions.
  • Extraction of teeth

Your first visit to Stradbroke Dental

At your first visit to Stradbroke Dental we will welcome you and ask you to complete a dental and medical history form.  This form can be downloaded from the medical history tab prior to your appointment. It can be found under the Contact Us page.

This is an extremely important document as it may affect medications we use on you and gives our dentists a good knowledge of your general health when treating your teeth in our preventive dentistry services and your routine examinations. Our dentists will then do a thorough oral examination and full charting. This includes charting the fillings and other restorations you have, your gum health and surrounding oral tissue health.

X-rays are recommended and are  an important part of the examination. They are taken to look for decay in between the back teeth, bone levels, and to see if there is anything happening under your existing restorations. At this stage your concerns and needs are also taken into account as part of the treatment plan. Once all the information has been collated, a treatment plan is formulated with suitable alternatives, risks and benefits of treatment discussed, treatment accepted and appointments made.

Preventive dentistry and routine examination reminders

At Stradbroke Dental, six monthly reminders for our preventive dentistry service and routine examinations are sent via SMS or email. It is important to visit us twice a year to maintain excellent oral health. X-rays are taken every two to three years, but may be taken at other times if indicated.

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