Teeth Whitening including Zoom Whitening

Teeth whitening has become one of the most popular ways to enhance a smile by lightening the existing shade of the natural teeth. It is a simple and effective treatment that can be done in the convenience of your home, or alternately in one hour in surgery.

There are many reasons why teeth can become discoloured. The main culprits are:

  • tea, coffee and red wine
  • food with strong colourings
  • smoking
  • medications
  • aging
  • developmental stained teeth

Some teeth do not respond well to bleaching and this can often  be difficult to determine. There are also  side effects of tooth whitening. The most common are tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. These side effects are temporary and in consultation with us, we are able to manage and minimise them.


The two main types of teeth whitening are in surgery and at home deliveries.

In Surgery Teeth Whitening

Stradbroke Dental has ZOOM whitening, where the procedure and whitening is achieved in the surgery in just over an hour.

After an initial consultation with our dentists, a 90 minute appointment will be made for you.
At this appointment:

  • your gums are protected by a rubber coating
  • all soft tissues are protected with barriers
  • a peroxide based gel is then applied to your teeth
  • the ZOOM light placed over your mouth for 15 minutes

This is done a maximum of three times or until the desired level of bleaching is achieved. The results are immediate, but are best maintained by following the ZOOM teeth whitening with at home bleach.

Home Teeth Whitening

There are many ways of delivering home bleaching. The most common  is where impressions are taken of your teeth with a soft putty and custom trays made by the dental laboratory. These trays are then filled with a peroxide based gel and then placed in your mouth for a period of time, generally 30 to 60 minutes a day for 7 to 14 days to achieve a desired result. The degree of whitening will vary from patient to patient. Darker teeth will take longer and lighter teeth may not bleach much.

There are now easier and quicker delivery methods. The two most commonly used are preloaded whitening trays which are discarded after one use. The trays are placed in the mouth for up to 60 minutes depending on the concentration of bleach recommended by our dentists.

There are also whitening strips which are placed on the teeth for 30 minutes twice a day. This delivery method is best as a top up treatment after ZOOM or the preloaded trays.

Teeth whitening is not permanent and will need to be repeated every 12 to 18 months.

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