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Stradbroke Dental provides a wide range of dental services.

Stradbroke Dental ServicesOur range of services are:-

Your first appointment and treatment plan at Stradbroke Dental

When you arrive for your appointment our dentists will perform a complete comprehensive examination, where your teeth and gums are meticulously checked and charted. An oral scan is also done to check for any abnormalities that may need further examination.

A full medical and dental history is taken, and any concerns are listened to and taken in to account. X-ray radiographs are often required to complete the examination. They allow the dentists to check not only the teeth, but also bone and hard tissues.We check for decay, gum disease, and any other anomalies that may present in the teeth and bones.

Once all the data has been accumulated, and you have told us your needs and requirements, we then are able to formulate a treatment plan that takes all the information into account.

Stradbroke Dental use the highest quality materials and the latest technology

Stradbroke Dental is an amalgam free (metal free) practice. We replace all fillings with white composite resin. Removal and placement of fillings is done under rubber dam where able, under high volume suction to minimise any ingestion and aerosol of the amalgam.

Our crown and bridge work can for the most part be metal free as well. We utilise the latest CAD technology in having our crowns fabricated. Materials such as zirconium and E max have allowed us to attain beautiful aesthetics without compromising strength.

There are also times, where we will need to refer to a specialist. This will be discussed, and every endeavour is made to ensure that we refer patients to ensure we provide the best quality care.

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